DWC Pipes

Industrial DWC Pipes

Approx Price: Rs 90 / Meter 
Industrial DWC Pipes are made of High-Density PolyEthylene Polymers. It consist of two layers, the outer layer will be corrugated and the inner layer shall
be plain smooth.

Product range:
  • DWC pipes are available in sizes 40 mm to 300 mm.

Telecom Application:
  • Used as the main duct in subducting network design.
  • Protection of ducts and optical fiber cables in city networks.
  • Protection of ducts/cables in rail crossings.
  • Protection of ducts/cables across rivers disused canals etc.
  • Used as the casing of copper cables.

Electrical Application:
  • In the electrical networks, the protective casing of street lighting cables-pole to pole application. DWC Pipe helps in
  • Easy laying of the cable upon completion of civil works, easy maintenance of cables as free to move inside the duct, easy to replace the cables.
  • In city distribution network protective casing application of power cables can be possible only after using DWC pipes. It is an excellent and cost-effective alternative of GI, RCC PVC Pipes. It can be openly used for the protective
  • the casing of street light cable as well as telecom cable.

  • Resistance to chemical: Exceptional resistance to all internal external corrosion.
  • Will not rust or rot.
  • Resistance to electrolytic corrosion.
  • Easy to install.
  • Longer life than GI, MS RCC.
  • Flexible can be bent to a radius as low as 10 x OD of the duct.
  • Very good thermal insulation due to low thermal conductivity.
  • Light weight product for easy transportation, handling, and fitting etc.
  • The possibility of laying of additional ducts due to aligned joints, continuous length, and smooth bends.
  • Good mechanical properties and ability to take heavy loads.
  • Anti-rodent.

Available Sizes:
  • 40 mm/32 mm: 100/200/500 Meters.
  • 50 mm/38 mm: 100 Meters
  • 63 mm/50 mm: 6 Meters 30 Meters.
  • 77 mm/63 mm: 6 Meters 30 Meters.
  • 90 mm/75 mm: 6 Meters 30 Meters.
  • 110 mm/95 mm: 6 Meters 30 Meters.
  • 120 mm/103.5 mm: 6 Meters
  • 125 mm/107 mm: 6 Meters
  • 160 mm/136 mm: 6 Meters
  • 180 mm/163 mm: 6 Meters
  • 200 mm/175 mm: 6 Meters
  • 300 mm/260 mm: 6 Meters
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